The fastest way I know of to end a pandemic is to put the likes of Bill Gates and George Soros in jail.

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Moscovitz is mentioned by David Martin in this presentation...

Dr. David Martin - No More Mister Nice Guy - Red Pill Expo


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I hope what I'm going to say won't be considered as being "picky" or something, because I'm absolutely crazy about your work. The information is only for those who might not be aware of it already.

It's regarding the sentence about Moscovitz, "who founded Facebook with Mark Zuckerberg."

This is where the being picky part comes in. Facebook is a continuation of DARPA'S Lifelog project and Zuckerberg is merely the strawman who's the public face of the military operation.

Wiki "CIA" pedia used to list the date of the announced closing of Lifelog as February 4,2004, which is the same date listed for Facebook going online. About a year ago, there was an attempt to change that by an anonymous editor. This editor tried to change the information to read that "The Lifelog project ended sometime in January of 2004", but another editor refused to let that stand and came in and reedited it back to the original statement regarding February 4, 2004 being the date of the supposed closing of Lifelog and Facebook going online. I have screenshots of this, by the way.

Anyway, it's not important to the article itself, but I believe that it is important as far as information in general goes.

Thanks for giving me the opportunity to post this and most importantly, thanks for all of your truly excellent work!!!

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Great article...

The Munich Security or insecurity conference has always been a threat to humanity.

I do watch them closely.

There have been created more threats to humanity .

One in particular interest for everyone should be the backdoor installed in every car which allows the MOSSAD specifically UNIT8200 to control your and every car within a few seconds.

Such a power no one should have.

But as we are living in a global dictatorship of biblical proportions and people are scared to speak up it is our duty to speak up.


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Singular 'Eye street' as well! Worthwhile footnote.

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Ukrainian bio-lab leak?

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Brilliant 💕. Need to make contact with you regarding an idea.

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What you know bout 33?

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Could your stories be connected, mozies and monkey business?

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I believe Moskovitz is spelled with a "k". Great article.

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"Monkeypox ENGINEERED to be vaccine-resistant"

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Liked and shared Thread's, looks like we're off round the merry-go-round again

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Hey, none of the research papers that say they "found" monkey pox virus since the first one in '57 have purified-isolated a virus, proved that a virus, or anything, is a pathogen of poxes, and there were no controlled samples. They only found that monkey kidney cell cultures, mixed with fetal calf serum starved and given nephrotoxic drugs will produce a cytopathic effect. That's not a virus, that's fraud, just like all virus "discovery" papers.

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Jun 6, 2022·edited Jun 6, 2022

Who ist the little Boy on the picture and did anybody help to cure him?

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No surprise that the Co-Founder and Co-Chair of the National Threat Initiative (NTI) is Ted Turner, known for his 2012 response to an interviewer asking him what his goal was for world population. Turner replied "I think two billion is about right." When the interviewer responded, "One child policy," Turner answered "For 100 years."

Ted Turner himself has 5 children, and some sources claim 6.



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Waking up to the Illusion of Democracy and feeling first hand the powers that wanna be I salute you and this great article.

Truth is our greatest ally.

Keep it going... It will be a tsunami of people waking up and you do as you do.

We are one.


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