Hi, great thread as always. I say this as someone who bought into it all at the start. It's mad when you get away from the cult and look in from the outside.

I was 1 of these people who were told about Ivor Cummin's work. It was actually my martial arts instructor who mentioned Ivor. Little did I know at the time, it would be my most valuable lesson. Through watching and listening to his stuff, I found the Richie Allen show, yourself and loads more stuff.

Was in Galway at the weekend at with the family, thinking this time last year we couldn't sit down for something to eat, because we didn't sign up for an experiment.

I always enjoy your insight into things.

Thanks! Patrick

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Thanks Patrick. I was the same at the beginning, I bought into it as well. I even thought Ivor was wrong initially as I believed the mainstream nonsense being peddled. I was very familiar with his work on diet though which gave me pause for thought. Then I started to look at other peoples work and came to the conclusion that something was very wrong.

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Good Irish people

Van Morrison

Dr Anne McCloskey

Dolores Cahill PhD

Ivor Cummins

Thomas Sheridan

John Waters

Gemma O'Dogherty

Dr. Martin Feeley

Aisling O'Loughlan, journalist

JIM CORR from the band The Corrs.

CHRISTIAN MORRIS, video podcaster.

Callum Robinson footballer

Dr.Pat Morrissey,

Eddie Hobbs (economist)

Tracey O'Mahoney, Barrister.

Niall McEvoy sacked from Irish Hockey Team

Guilty Irish celebrities


Steven Nolan of BBC.

Ryan Tubrity (aka fletch)

Luke O Neill celebrity doctor

Michael Martin politician

Claire byrne TV presenter

Eamonn dunphy former soccer player, author, media personality

Pascal Donohoe politician

Pat Kenny tv presenter pushed for camps

Michael McBride, chief medical officer

Johnny Sexton(rugby player)

Joe o'shea ,(TV personality),

Claire Byrne(journalist)

Matt Cooper(radio presenter)

Fergal Bowers(journalist)

John O Shea useless TV presenter

Liam Neeson

Joe Duffy Radio Presenter

Ciara Kelly, radio presenter

Shane Coleman, broadcaster

Fergal Bowers, health journalist

Stephen Donnelly, Health Minister

Kingston Mills, professor

Colm O'Gorman, Amnesty International

Mícheál Martin, politician

Leo Varadkar, politician

Joe Duffy, broadcaster


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Thanks for putting this together. It is important that we do not forget how truly ghastly it all was. It makes me so angry to see innocent kids being used to broadcast such bare-faced propaganda aimed at keeping the public compliant and on the wrong foot. That they could use a show whose main audience is children and their parents in such a fashion is beyond belief.

It is unforgivable.

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Spot on as always. Never watch that shite but the odd time I might have tuned into the toy show for the kids. Saw the shameful piece where I think one of the little girls injected a doll and thought how shameful it was using children like this for their propaganda. I actually went after Tubridy through the Broadcasting Act but like all these so called regulatory groups they aren’t worth the money or effort as they clearly were not going against the narrative on this. Initially I had to push them to actually take the case because RTÉ ignored my initial correspondence and then ignored the regulators and then they told me my complaint was out of time until i reminded them that it was because of RTEs non response. I knew I’d lose but could not let him get away with what he was doing to people. A despicable human being sucking from the public purse.

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Made me sick to my stomach to read this, but we must face it and not turn away or we give our acquiescence to them to do it again. Never forget, never forgive, never again.

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They forget that Truth always prevails, and video is forever. It will be interesting to watch these virtue signallers squirm in the light that is about to shine brightly on their deeds.

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What a bunch of uncouth WEFFERS, couldn’t leave the kids alone.

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When the lid eventually blows off this greatest crime against humanity, remember Tubridy, you will not be able to appear in public, let alone shill for your paymasters on our dying national broadcaster.

If enough people had the balls, we'd stop paying the licence fee.

Absolutely shameful.

Karma is coming.

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Our half hour local news went from all fear, all the time to a vaccine infomercial.

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All in plain sight, square and compass, pyramid, masonic, demonic.

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Can’t help themselves can they…

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Fantastic post. I always recommend you on my newsletter. This has everything. Well done. This could even go mainstream beyond the alternative smaller readership. Hats off again to you. You hit this out of the Park.

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Thank you very much. Yes it would be great if it did go mainstream hence posting it on the shows 2 year anniversary as well as the fact that the 2022 version is on this Friday…

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I'd rather watch Bosco, but thanks anyway. You're doing great work, keep shining, Phoeagdor.

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