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The Psychopathic Elite

Elite coming from Israelite...

They believe they are the offspring of "God" meaning of the God Race... our creator race.

And yet they may be the blue bloodlines of King Solomon and David as well as Marduk and the Anunaki.

They (Jews) made a pact with these Ancient Gods to hold Humanity back.

They believe that if they do so when the ancient Gods come back they will be granted Immortality.

The Anunaki are Energy beings... Demons... Dragons.

They created Humanity to be Possessed by them... that is the purpose of our creation.

But they forgot that all life is Free... and so are we.

That is why they are psychopaths.

They think they are Gods over us and have the Right to decide what to do with us even to Kill us.

They hate us to the last cell in their existenz.

We are the creation that outgrew our creator race.

Those psychopaths are Demons of Mankind.

We must get rid of them.


Fun Fact:

British in Hebrew means : The people of the Covenant

Based on her appearance, it is believed that the royal family descended from the royal family of Israel – she is Queen Elizabeth II’s direct descendant from King David of Israel.

The Bible states that David's throne shall exist for ever:"…David shall never want a man to sit upon the throne of the house of Israel." (JEREMIAH 33:17)

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Many thanks. That’s a 🐇 🕳 I am going down at the moment. It’s a really deep one.

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Mate you don't know how deep that Rabbit hole goes....

How deep is infinite?

Little advice.

Start from that point:

Everything you know... everything you bee told is a lie.

The Truth usually is the opposite of what we been told.


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I have an idea as I’ve done some digging 😉 Any recommendations on what to watch or read is always appreciated as you’ve been down the 🐇 🕳

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I think the most important film which is a must watch is this one:

Empire of the City by grace powers


It is long but every minute is worth it

I came to this path through my very own experience and I wrote about this:

In Ireland you call them the shining ones... Dragons... our creators


I believe we are the creation that outgrew our creator race who made us as a portal to enter this world masquerading to us as Gods


And I believe as my research shows me they live inside the sun.

They use the "Planet of the Crossing" i.e. Nibiru as a way to get to other planets.

This reflects in the Jewish Passover Festival.

I believe Nibiru was Omuamua


They certainly held back human evolution for thousands of years

We are a young race and do not even know the origin of our existence.

We are part animal and part them.... a hybrid race so to speak... made in their Image... in their likening to be used as a tool for them.

Which means we haven't even started becoming Human... most are still Animals.

But that is a good thing... because we have Infinite Potential.


On a lighter note....

My personal Favorite of my own writing is two of my favorite...

One is based on the greatest poem ever... "IF" by Rudyard Kippling


The other one is based on Franz Kafka "Metamorphosis"

I use this for people to understand Transhumanism

Franz Kafka and the Great Transhumanist Lie



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Thank you so much for taking the time to put that together. I will watch and read all your suggestions. Looks like my weekend will be busy 😀

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When you do something you love you never work a day

- Confucius


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Fritzfreud I strongly object to your hijacking of mythology and literature and religion to inject your poison. Along with Kafka I also read "The Horla" by Guy de Maupassant. Read widely and your eyes will be open and your mind better equipped to filter propaganda. Ireland in her long 10k year history never had serpents. We had the Peist. A big worm. And so history repeats.

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Sunshine... do you own History?

A drop of water doesn't be the ocean.

Whether you object or not is Irrelevant.

Whether I am right or not is irrelevant.

Neither is the Truth you speak of relevant.

It is the Truth given to us by people who want to make us believe.

My Interpretation will stand the test of time.

Objection rejected.

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Fritz Freud seems to have an interesting perspective on the esoteric angle of the JQ (Jewish Question). If you're interested in a more political approach to this particular rabbit hole, you might want to check out The Occidental Observer (https://www.theoccidentalobserver.net/). The editor, Professor Kevin MacDonald (author of 'The Culture of Critique'), holds the writers to a very high standard in terms of sourcing their work, so their information is very credible. In particular, look up articles by Andrew Joyce.

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Dear Anne

If you try as you d to subliminal suggest that I by any means connected to right wing Ideology to Fascism and Nazis... you will have a problem.

I tell you where to go and shoot yourself.

Let's have a reality check.

George Soros The Rothschild / Rockefeller Cabal Bill Gates Elon Musk Klaus Schwab Yuval Harai these are these are the dominant Nazis of our time working together to install a new 4th Reich of Klaus Schwab who happens to be a jewish Nazi.

Klaus Schwab is the Adolf Hitler of our time and like Adolf Hitler he is related to the Rothschilds.

And if you suggest as you do that I regurgitate nothing but age old lies because you are a Hasbara Troll and you spread lies I will be there to correct you blame you shame you.

The author and website you suggest is Bullshit.

It sells you exactly this regurgitated Bullshit.

I on the other hand tell my story.

And it is important for the people to understand so it is important for the people to know who is lying to them who controls what and the real agenda behind it.

People want Truth, people deserve truth.

They are fed up with people like you coming here spreading lies.

But I thank you.

Because you have shown that I hit a nerve...

So naturally I will continue.

I speak Truth.

Do you?

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It’s almost like the storyline of Cameron’s film Prometheus. The gods that created us wanted to destroy us. Black goo in film too. And animal experiment gone wrong.

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What do you mean almost?

Where do you think he got the Idea from in the first place?

Predictive Programming!

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Don't buy the bs here. Ireland is very sacred. Before Constantine our monks were hermits. Before hermits they were on an old system (Newgrange, all stone circles aligned to the stars - astronomy. ) Do not discount what Ireland did to save civilization. Yes there is a book on that: https://www.amazon.com/How-Irish-Saved-Civilization-Irelands/dp/0385418493.

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I like Ireland... I like the Irish...

However this world goes down the drain faster than an Irishman can empty a bottle of whisky.

So your claims of Ireland saving the world do not exist...

It is a wet pussy dream.

We are not even Human.

And the Chinese did more to civilization than the Irish.

Please do not be fooled by your own arrogance...

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"British in Hebrew means : The people of the Covenant". Please cite. My own research indicates "B-R" = by water (Burgundy, Bordeaux, Berlin). The last will resonate with Irish speakers: Ber Lin = river by the lake(s). Take a look at Berlin on Google Earth. It;s exactly that. Beara Peninsula. Bear Island. "Tish" = "tani/daoine" widespread in the Continent. Means "people". Sooo "British" means "Breathnach (Welsh in Irish)" The People By The Water. Coming from the Continent and across the Irish Sea this makes sense. As does "Albany". Aill Ban = White Cliffs (Dover). Learn the local ancient lingo.

That said, old Hebrew and Irish both follow verb/subject/noun in a sentence. The Harp (of David) on the old coin, the bodhran, the uileann pipes connect us to the ancient Hebrew world. But yet "anti-semite" is saved for the Ashkenazi who speak a tribal German. Just have backup for your easily dropped "fun factoids" Some (me) will ask for backup).

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The word Brit-Ish in Hebrew means "Covenant-Man". It is related to the expression Brit-Am meaning Covenant of the People (Isaiah 42:6, 49:8). These verses refer to the Ten Tribes in their Places of Exile. They help identify the British Isles as a major center of the Lost Ten Tribes.


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I’d not come across this phrase before. It’s good to have a name for this evil behavioural trait. Great article.

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It’s a great name isn’t it. So accurately describes their actions.

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Very good article.

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Thank you, they are psychopaths indeed. Not sure about Liz Truss, people are saying she was grinning at the song that protesters started playing during her speech.

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Interesting point. Lots of different ways of interpreting things 👍

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Brilliant. Sharing.

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Thank you

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Excellent, interesting and informative article Ivor. Well done again. Thank you.

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Thank you very much 😀

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Calling them "psychopaths" doesn't make them go away, but it can start a dangerous trend; people might start watching out for "signs of a psychopath," which are always there, just like a hypochondriac will always be able to self-diagnose any illness:


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Yes, I believe I know what you mean.

This could easily lead to some form of witch burning inquisition, if calm minds do not prevail (and what are the chances of That?...).

Likely, of course, is the possibility that we are being deliberately infiltrated in a variety of unknown ways and means, and so, ultimately, imo, this whole perceived mess is (along with all aspects of this rich experience, life) an ocean best navigated with the Shield of Faith in place, which, sadly, many seem to have misplaced, or have allowed to rust over...

Time to apply a bit of elbow grease!

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What I mean is that you can't fight evil with evil. Feeling superior over those, who think they are superior doesn't save me. I must ignore the game, perhaps point out its pivots, and/or start a counter-game. Sometimes, telling them, "you are right, then what?" works, too. :)

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I just found out about you through Karen Selick's Substack "It's all coming together" in her article "Justin Trudeau lied in the house of commons". I'm so glad she introduced me to you! This is absolutely brilliant. I simply love this blog and will share it broadly! Thanks for your work with such careful attention to body language.

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Thank you for sharing. Really appreciate it 👍

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Good article, hadn't heard of "Duper's Delight" before. Thanks for shedding light on it. Linking this today @https://nothingnewunderthesun2016.com/

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I don't think they "use it" - they display it, or show it. Dupe delight as defined by criminal psychologists is unconscious. If they're "using" something it needs a different name - command enchantment, perhaps , or tyrant's tickles.

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Interesting point to make, as the perception of motive is a form of verifiable evidence, if not outright proof, is it not?

Meaning, if you are simply mad as a hatter, with a physiological cause, you may be forgiven, as would be proper, correct?

As opposed to the plotting scheming politician without the physiological cause to legitimate their shameful acts?

If, IF, one can separate causes of illness through correct diagnosis, it would seem to me that a compassionate person would not be too quick to label such oft-ambiguous (at least as regards amateur prognosi) mental "illnesses", aberrations, and such like, and should definitely not be given over to playing the executioner in such cases, EVER.

"Tyrants' Tickles"-- that's pretty rich, George!

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well... it would be a hard sell to attribute all, or indeed any psychopathology to physiological causes!

I'm just pointing out the difference beteween James's use of dupe delight (and it is dupe delight, not "duper's" delight) and that used in the community that discovered/coined it - forensic psychologists working with psychopaths. I'm not judging anyone.

Except Ardern, Trudeau et al. They're truly, truly evil.

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What I was getting at, or trying to get at, was that the difference between deliberately doing something in response to XYZ as compared to an uncontrollable "tic" manifesting in regards to XYZ, is a matter for a person trained/educated in making such a diagnosis, moreso than for any armchair forensic psychologists, the likes of John Q. Everyman, to ferret out for all the other J.Q.s , potentially encouraging vigilante justice at the cost of any potential true (as true , and fair, and as accurate as we humans can muster, anyhow...) justice being served.

While I can look upon Ardern, and Gates, and the rest, and be appalled at the things they say, and the wicked manner in which they deliver such "Law", or whatever you want to call it, and even grumble to myself that I hope evil is met with swift, efficient, effective reprimand, I know that I am not truly able to affect such justice myself, upon them, or any of their ilk.

I see their horrible actions, and am taking note (for what it matters - who knows?), and do my part to keep alert, while holding up my end of the contract-- being the good steward that I might.

I cannot even judge my own actions that make up my own little life, as that is a matter for a much bigger, better "organization" than any of man's attempts at such, so I feel I can not authorize judgement upon , or for, any other...

We are all free to pursue our own course, but I adhere as best I can muster to the golden Rule, along with the other wisdoms that present themselves in our lives, and am not quick to judge, as I am never of fit capacity for such, as a mere, fleshly part of creation, this little human-ant that I find myself being.

Rich men and women, wealthy beyond the likes of most people's ability to attain, pretending that they are better than all those "others", will face the same judgement as is reserved for every conscious, sentient being, or so I have been shown, and it is a sadness, and a lamentable occurrence, when one of our fellow earthlings falls from grace, essentially upsetting the whole fabric of our being, though many fail to sense the accuracy of such a statement, as they may be deluded in a uncountable number of ways, having thought to separate their individual thread...

We must all do our own due diligence, though it does not mean that we must each re-invent the wheel, but that we must hone our own skills, developing our own senses, yet, ideally, all human beings would have the identical aim towards That Glory, and achieve it in their unique fashion -- All of It being a great experience, now that we have our crowns placed correctly...

In Good Time, we shall perhaps see for ourselves!

I believe that one can love something, even the seemingly evil, without "tolerating" or "enabling", or without making any sort of allowance for the unclean acts, and certainly without the need to punish, especially to the extent of returning evil with evil, or the power to execute ones enemies for their perceived sins...at the most, banishment, which is plenty harsh, indeed.

We don't need to go kissing poisonous snakes on the lips, by any means-- we should know that it's not smart to dally with such.

Many have called such a belief "naive" and, so far, they have always been those that tolerate and accept war and bloodshed as inevitable, as the nature of man; but I disagree, and reply with "Do not see calm and gentle as equivalent to weak", for that can surely lead to some unpleasant surprises, and there have been too many of those already, couldn't we agree?

Blessings for All!

Rich, poor. Sick and well, young and old, wise and ignorant, and certainly men and women of all ethnicities.

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One week later, after this post. Globe has pivoted, or uncovered. Bolsanaro today, Biden tomorrow. Musk, Emily Oster, DePeep, clock ticking here, but nobody tells the truth. Expect the worst, hope for the best. BUCKLE UP. Bloomberg is consistently 12 months behind reality. Watch and go in the opposite direction. You still care for the anam, seah?

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Spot on. Do you remember Varadkar trolling the public by quoting from movies in early 2020? Mean Girls, Lord of the Rings, Terminator 2 - he was so obviously having a laugh

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You have jogged my memory there 😉 I must trawl through my archives as I did write about that 18 months ago.

Here it is


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This is a very smart set of connections. Thanks for pointing out how subtle mind control can operate. The other side of the coin is of course be diligent in your world.

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Thank you 👍

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The smirking and grinning is off the charts with most of these WEF marionettes, I've noticed it regularly most recently from Liz Truss. HOW do folks not see or register these things when they're watching the tel-lie-vision

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Another one totally in on the act

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Irish, it is good to have you back!

Did you need a respite from all of the insanity of the current regime?

Well, it's time to pinch your nose, and dive back into the fray...


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Life just caught up with me for the last 6 weeks. Couldn’t find the time to write anything. Glad you noticed I was gone. Makes coming back even better 🤣

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Excellent essay! This is my first time reading your work. I have noticed this Duper’s Delight on several world players, though I didn’t know its official name. How do SO many true psychopaths rise to these high positions? From what I learned in school (long time ago *wink*) and in more recent research, true psychopaths are extremely rare!

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Thank you Samantha. I’ve been booted off Twitter twice but all my work is now here on Substack. I saved it all and transferred it over. Around 150 articles. Should keep you busy for a bit 😉

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I know so many brilliant warriors who have been kicked off a Twitter. At this point, it’s a bit of a badge of honor. I can’t wait to read them all!

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