Well researched article.

Is it mainly the west which is implementing these smart cities with the aim of climate control?

Because for me this obsession with controlling the climate by taxing carbon and locking people down will mean the end of the West. The West will become a land of poor angry people whilst the rest of the world flourishes.

The Rich and the educated will have long left by then.

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I have a suspicion that UN Agenda 21 way back in the 1990s was the early beginnings of this, and what I have found is that the countries who signed on were made to believe that they could be held to answer to the various agreements, goals and guidelines that were established early on and then various amendments agreed to over the years during these secret meetings they have held. I have found that many cities are secretly instituting these various goals and working to meet those and getting rewarded by the private NGOs funding it. So, in this way the governments and the legislation in those local governments are sidelining what the people want because the people have never been told this was being treated as a treaty if you will even though it is against our Constitution in the United States to sign treaties that our Congress has not been a party to and other governments also have these types of protections and limitations, which is what our former president George Bush, Sr. and various other presidents have done. Many countries secretly make these kinds of agreements even agreeing to conduct emergency preparedness simulations like Event 201, Dark Winter, Clade X, etc and agreeing to report on the results of these undertakings in their meetings. This is what we are dealing with and there is secret funding going on to get to their goals of this one world government kind of totalitarian world in which every person is controlled by way of metals in vaccines and fluoride in water to do as they are told. This has been done secretly I believe in many cities all around the world without telling the public openly that this is what they signed up their people for, this is why we are all dumbfounded by all of this because it is being done against our will and without our consent, they have declared a war on these things and when they declare something an emergency, they do not have to get our consent. This is how they get around this. There is evidence that this was done back in 1990s with this original Agenda 21, but these people had been secretly creating the machinations of their plan for decades even before this, they just used Communist principles and went line by line marking off all the boxes to arrive at their end goal.

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There are few in south korea too... this is beyond digital terorism, it makes me sick only thinking of how many will like it. Because here we are.

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It's all about control.

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Ever wondered how Uber kept on going despite running at a loss for much of its lifetime? After reading the above you should now know.

It was about applied Behavioural nudging to get people to use ‘car sharing’ services not owning their own cars.

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What do they gain by having us in a digital prison and being unproductive? In monetary terms that is. Doesn't consumerism make them rich and getting richer? This is the piece I don't understand.

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This is the website where they discuss their progress:


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Do not let a few geeks tell you what to do. We are free. And that’s how it will stay.

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The future will be a dystopian mix of Elysium, Idiocracy & Hunger Games with aspects of Demolition Man thrown in. (and we still don't know how to use the three sea shells)

Look for a list of ICLEI cities. "The "International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives" thus became "ICLEI - Local Governments for Sustainability", with a broader mandate to address sustainability issues, not only environmental issues" (anyone else getting sick of the word "mandate"?)

Check out four animated videos on youtube - search for; eco-life 2040

Look up The Wildlands Project and associated maps showing where people will and won't be allowed to live in the US. They want to rewild the Western half of the US.

Meat created in biolabs. Veggies grown in vertical farms using CRISPR Cas9 genetics. Bug protein farming/processing. All can be done in and around the cities.

Look up federal land owned by state. Fedgov already owns half of the land in the Western states. Wall Street types are buying up Western land for the water rights. Water will be the new oil. A new stock market asset type was invented a couple of years ago. One can now invest in Natural Assets - Natural Capitol. Water, soil, minerals and of course carbon units.(humans are 18% carbon based)

Cali is working on banning all gas powered engines. How's that monorail coming along?

They've been talking about smart cities for many years but the only infrastructure created so far is for surveillance. No fancy new public transportation. Better got you some comfy shoes.

For years, there's been this push for every single person to have high speed internet access, whether they need/want it or not. There's talk of new routers sharing their access with any cell phone in range. That will help prevent "dead spots". Those spots where they can't track you.

On top of that, is the creepy fixation on making sure everyone takes an mRNA jab. I can't help but think there's some demented future biological use for everyone having it in their system.

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Smart shitty , they got the name right , their slogan should be "smart shitties dumb people"

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Search youtube for "eco-life in 2040" for four short animated videos of what life in the future could be like. I think they were created to advocate that lifestyle but they came out more dystopian than anything.

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Great post.

But a little bit outdated even when we know that this is their plan (WEF) all along.

I have taken the liberty to refer to your article.

The real big problem we face are the Neural Processors that come into our shops by AMD and Intel and Apple.

Because they feed AI and allow AI to take over our life while also enabling those "smart" cities devices you name it.

Total control is the name of the game.

And AI is total control by the few over the many.


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Awesome research, thank you so much.

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I'd say "enjoy", but there is no joy to be had in this matter - only the strength that the Truth might bring with the understanding. Keep at it!

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THIS is a smart city!

I was surprised not to find it amongst your descriptive article, but there is MUCH to keep abreast of.

Glad to see you are keeping at "it"!


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