Well Irish- the results are all in, and everything should be clear as day, right?

This earthly struggle (WAR) for our lives' most important aspects hasn't seemed to do as much to wake up the sleepwalkers as many of us were hopeful for, has it? Or am I being too grim?

The line has been drawn, and it is not in sand, yet the bulk of the masses are remaining oblivious, by choice moreso than ignorance, at this point.

Soon, the war will pull in everyone and everything, destroying this Earth further, which is only a smallish part of the wicked agenda, with the destruction of the human soul an even larger part of the picture, regardless if any will admit such.

Soon, the people will be killing the saints and prophets, what few there are that remain...

The thirst for blood is a tantalizing force for many -too many, and so it will go.

Flee the cities. Go to the mountains - literally and metaphorically.

Blessings for all of the children.

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This started decades earlier with the Club of Rome and their malthusian Limits to Growth report. To bring in global government it seems NATO was tasked with achieving compliance militarily, while Tavistock and it's offspring were to build the "new man" starting with the Aquarian Revolution of the astroturfed/psyoped hippy/new age era. Climate change has been a scam from the beginning, all they were searching for was crises that would drive the masses towards global governance. The even tried scaring the masses with an impending ice-age initially. These people are playing illusions on the walls of a Plato's Cave they created for us long ago, the anxiety and nihilism inducing illusions are occasionally switched up to maintain "Future Shock", but the agenda and ultimate goal never changes.

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Elite who propose solutions to the problems they produce.

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"While baseless posts have circulated recently calling the exercise part of a “diabolical plan for world domination,” we see it as further evidence of the importance of scenario planning in helping governments, institutions and others navigate near-term decisions that can have long-term impact. Our hope then – as it is now – was to focus on what we don’t know so we could make better plans to address a real pandemic, such as the one we’re facing today".

Yeah...who the f***k are "WE" and who asked and gave power to "WE" to make plans for US. Plans, plans, plans.

I read that their shit 3 years ago and more others, so yes, everything is planned, is a conspiracy of facts, thanks no thanks to the huge number of traitors and stupids.


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I will call that opening quote: Benign-Wash

Just like the fake-womb factory in Germany is “to help women who have had cancer”… sure it is.

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That womb factory is a crazy terrifying idea... Is obvious, proved that they are not interested in the individual, in each person, human being, their interest and goal is for the entire human species to be modified and disappear.

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